Sunday, December 26, 2010


My goal was to open the shop before christmas and on Tuesday at 5pm the first customer walked through the door. It was a race to the finish with quite a few 18 hour days and some help from some wonderful friends and family.

The photo above shows our 1st colour palette of Murobond and Society colours, most of which we used in the fitout of the shop and all available in the sample pots beautifully displayed by my 3 sons.

There are still lots of things to set up when we return in January, but it was worth opening for a few days of christmas trade.
This photo shows the shop from the front door, looking through the new opening to the extension.
This photo shows the original handmade brick wall at the back of the building taken from the new extension. 

The boys displayed the Murobond sample pots.

The gorgeous wonki ware, proving to be quite popular, won't last long after being featured in the Februrary issue of Inside/Out magazine.

We are very happy with how the concrete floor has come up with the Savon Noir as the sealer, so easy to use and we were able to walk on the floor immediately which proved very useful and best of all, no toxic fumes to choke on!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Renovation Review

Suffering from renovation fatigue.....just a quick post to show progress of the transformation of the front of the shop.

Front in June?

Lost the awning

A fresh finish......Murobond cement paint, colour Marble.

and the frame of the new awning.