Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sustainable Design - David Trubridge

image via more ways to waste time
New Zealand designer David Trubridge...The coral pendant above is one of many designs in his collection.

Kina below.....Inspired by the sea urchin.
Kina is Maori for sea urchin.

All designs are classic.
Plywood is the least wasteful form of conversion timber.
Oil finishes are organic, non-toxic natural oils with no harmful solvents.

origin unknown
All waste from the factory is sent to separate recycling facilities.

image via emma's design blog

The Trubridge designs come in a variety of finishes. The light ply looks amazing teamed with white, neutrals and blonde timber furniture or joinery.
The pendants cast a subtle pattern on ceilings and walls at night.
David Trubridge pendants are available through ecoco.

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