Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hi there blogging friends,

It's been a while, and wow do we have a back log of material!!!
June was catch up month after our trip, July a busy month with visits to Decoration and Design and  in August, the gift fairs.  Throw in a family of 3 growing boys who eat mountains of food and create mountains of washing and a shop to run and all of a sudden we have a blogging break!!!

If you are wondering about our website, it is under going maintenance and will be back up soon with some of our favourite products from the store.

We are very excited about the new home wares and furniture we have on the way.  Above is a sneak peak at some of the goodies we have coming soon.  

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hi there.....

In the window this week....
Hi there,
It's been a busy few weeks since returning from my trip, with lots of things on the horizon it is an exciting time at ecoco.   If you receive our newsletter, you'll already know that we've been having a sale to clear space for some of the new product lines and one off items we found while travelling through Europe, as well new products are still arriving from our Australian suppliers....sooo many possibilities my mind runs overtime with what to do next!!!  Anyway, starting with the here and now, the following images show some of the products we have in store now and they are rather lovely.

Reversible quilt in store now....
a Bameleke stool/table from South Africa in one of H&G 50 best rooms
we currently have 2 in natural timber ...
chairs currently in store
stools currently in store

and more of Emma's gorgeous cushions.

Friday, June 8, 2012


My last post from Paris, getting ready for the long flight home!
Have had the best time over the last few weeks, met some amazing people and found some amazing things.  Now looking forward to getting back to my gorgeous boys, my home and work!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


In the city that keeps on giving!  

My travelling companion Antoine has been doing a little Paris research on his lonely planet app while waiting  for our washing at the launderette.  His research has revealed that Paris is called the city that keeps on giving because even if you are second timers to this beautiful city there is always more discover...how true!

As second timers we have skipped all of the famous Parisian sites in preference for discovering more of the secret wonders this city has to offer and for me that would include fabulous retail spaces.

Our bicycle journey yesterday took us right to the very stylish doors of Merci, the fabulous shop that sells just about everything and includes three cafes.   We managed to spend a few hours here, first shopping then taking a coffee break in one cafe, more browsing then lunch in the second cafe, a theatre cafe, screening old movies on one wall! 

If you would like to see more images of this amazing store visit our facebook page ecocolaunceston and like/share this post or even better like our page...thanks! x

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Market Day

Just for a moment imagine how lovely it would be to hop on your bike, ride over the bridge and into the town square to gather your goodies on market day!

Wednesday is market day in Brugge, Belgium.  The produce including food, plants and fresh flowers are to die for!   As I sat eating my breakfast I watched a lady carefully select a beautiful rose for her garden and head off on her bike to gather more fresh produce or home to the garden?  Oh for a simple life!!! x

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Found in Brussels

Bonjour All,
Posting from Brussels this evening where I have spent the last few days discovering all that the city of Brussels has to offer and that is much more than chocolate, beer, frites (hot chips) and waffles, which I was told by the local waffle shop man tonight are the 4 things you must try while in Belgium.  I can assure you I have sampled my fair share of chocolate from Pierre Marcolini the famous Belgian chocolatier.  As the official supplier to the Belgian Royal family, if it's good enough for King Albert and Queen Paola, it's good enough for me!   A waffle covered in melted chocolate and strawberries ticks another specialty off the list,  that leaves beer and fries for tomorrow!  I think I will be rolling out of this country!!!

But food is not the only delight to be found in Brussels as I discovered while wandering the streets of the Marolles District yesterday.   If brunch, flea markets, antiques, art and design are your thing then this district is heaven!   My favourite find was the little shop featured in the photos.   I chatted with Muriel, the friendly french lady who owned the shop for ages about her work, as you can see she has quite a talent for spotting treasure and putting it together so that it looks fabulous.  Everything in Muriel's shop is second hand or vintage, found at flea markets in Brussels, Waterloo and Paris.    I spent ages taking in the delights of Muriel's shop and left with my own little bag or two of treasure....thankful of leaving home with the barest essentials and the biggest suitcase I could find!!!  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

new today

A little vintage....a little colour!  You can create a focal point in your space with something a little out of the ordinary like this vintage chair that arrived @ ecoco today, along with a new range of cushions and throws. 
While we love our neutrals at ecoco, there is nothing like a punch of colour to bring a room to life.  We currently have a sale on 3 ranges of designer cushions.  Email us for more details or check our facebook page.  

Friday, April 27, 2012

stacks of cushions

We have stacks of cushions at ecoco at the moment.  So if you need to give a room a quick and easy lift add a couple of interesting cushions to the mix.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

In store today...

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are having a good week.   It's been a busy one at ecoco, with boxes continuing to arrive and one big four poster king bed depart which of course has resulted in some major reshuffling.   We are loving our new vintage French potting shelves, filled with an interesting array of useful things.

Will post some more photos tomorrow.
Until then....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

who did that?

The gorgeous Bloom by "Who Did That" from a photo shoot at ecoco late last year.

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's New

ecoco customers are loving our new range of colourful cushions.  A great way to introduce some colour and  fun to a room.  Email us for more information...we can post!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello Everyone,  
Back from a little blogging break.   March was a very busy month for us at ecoco with endless unpacking of boxes, arranging and rearranging and lots of design work for some exciting projects we have on the go.  Will follow with some images and more information on this soon.

This morning as I looked out of my bedroom window at the Chinese Elms we planted several years ago, I was reminded of why autumn is my favourite season.  The light at this time of the year is magic, I was drawn out onto the veranda.....with my phone of course, to feed my current instagram addiction!

I hope you are also enjoying the season.....wherever you are!  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Luscious Linen

Barcelona Interior via style files
I still love a serene neutral palette and luscious textures in the bedroom! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's New @ ecoco

Wow, when I look back over these photos from the last few days I am reminded of why my back is aching, my knees are hurting and I am falling asleep at 8pm!!!
When this cupboard arrived totally unexpected in my front door at 5pm last night and had literally nowhere to go, it set off a chain reaction of movement within the store...those who have experienced it will know exactly what I am talking about!   Does it sit in the doorway, a huge cardboard box blocking people from entering the shop for days?  No of course not, you rip off the cardboard, slide a rug underneath, drag it into the window and shove it full of treasures.  

And so the chain reaction is set in motion.......yesterday's window display gets pushed back behind the new, and on it goes.....

the upside of all the hard work for us is that we have soooo many luscious new treasures for you....
like these cute little recycled glass bottles,
or something we'll be needing too soon, memi's divine door snakes, heat packs, hot water bottle covers, door stops, eye pillows and more....
and I could stay at work all night (if I wasn't so exhausted!) flicking through the fabulous new books that arrived yesterday....
but if it is stationery you need, we have that sorted too....with a beautiful new range of recycled paper stationery.....
or cushions......get the picture?
I have had two wonderful helpers, Christine and Amy, who have been busy pricing, and assisting our lovely customers whilst I have been battling the boxes!!!  Thanks heaps girls. x
We have stunning new hand block printed cushions and vintage saris.... 

a new oak bookcase
and I do believe this is the only set of shelves that has not been touched this week.