Saturday, February 26, 2011

It has always been our intention to source products for ecoco that are different to what our customers would see in other Launceston stores.  Of course this is not always easy, but we continue to look for interesting products with a point of difference.  We would  like to thank the very talented designers and loyal suppliers who continue to enable us to showcase their delightful wares in our store.  Most importantly, I would like to thank our customers, we have enjoyed meeting you and hope you find ecoco an inspiring and enjoyable experience.

There has been a lot of interest in the Heath Nash flower ball light pendant this week.  For those who are interested it is worth having a look at his website.

A new range of ceramic mugs in charcoal and grey.
Recently arrived serviettes and tea towels from Bonnie & Neil with the popular robin and cocky prints.

The wax bowl candle remains intact when the candle inside has burned down, you can then sit a candle inside to get the same lovely glow through the bowl.
We have a new range of fabric sample books in store.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's New?

An extensive range of food grade stainless steel drinking bottles.
One of these can save 2500 plastic bottles ending up as landfill.
See the handy handbag size bottle......
stainless steel lunch boxes - 2 types available.....

an extensive range of natural fibre brushes...... 
cheese boards......
beautiful organic and certified organic body products from australian company, bod.....
and last but certainly not least, we have some new products from bonnie and neil, namely the cocky cushion shown above and some beautiful tea towels and napkins.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dining Table

Earlier in the week I spent half an hour with my very patient web designer in order to refresh my web management skills.  In my spare minutes I will now be updating the ecoco website with current stock.  

Above is the same dining table we have in the shop at the moment.  It has a recycled timber top and metal legs.

We have one of the sun burst mirrors the same as the one above the fireplace.  It might have to go up on the wall soon as it doesn't have the same impact when it is leaning on the wall under a window.  If you are in the market for shelving, we are custom making shelving units the same as the one above for a very reasonable price.

Today I finalised the details for the bathroom vanity for the apartment above the shop, of course I had to go for something practical for both storage and cleaning.  But there is always my totally non practical side that would just love to do something like this.   One day!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Panton Chair

Recycled tyre beakers proving useful in the bathroom...
the large tote is useful for storing a range of items.
Our new stock of recycled tubs has arrived, with a couple of new items.
For a while now I have been admiring the graceful curves of the Panton chair, the classic chair by renowned 20th century Danish designer, Verner Panton.  Designed in the early 60s, it went into serious production in 1967 (a very good year!)  Last week I picked up a reproduction Panton chair at a local store.  Not only is it a stylish classic, it is also very comfortable. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

White & Light

House in Portugal via style files

Very soon going to do my favourite whites display in the shop.  I think I have found the perfect white, which just happens to be Murobond's,  Just White.  There are warm whites and cool whites, if there were neutral whites, Just White would fit into that category.  Get the lighting right and Just White provides the perfect backdrop for any interior.

Victorian Home in Melbourne via style files

Add interest to white spaces by using texture, pattern, accents of black or splashes of colour.

Sibella Court via Style Files

Stylist, Sibella Court has designed paint colours for Murobond, above next to the fireplace is the foundation palette.  This palette of colours can be seen at ecoco.

Victorian Home in Melbourne via style files

Gallery style -  Whites and/or light greys provide the best backdrop for displaying art collections.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

sample pots

Sample pots are sorted now and easy to find!  Heaps of delicious colours to choose from!

The lovely Suz from Cocoon dropped in some gorgeous earrings that sit beautifully with our current colour palette.

We've added a little sign writing to the front of the building......

and the pierre de ronsard's are flowering again, I just don't have time to smell them anymore!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Custom Made

We have a range of fabrics and designs for custom made bedheads, cushions and bed linen.
We also stock certified organic cotton sheet sets, including cot sets, single bed, queen and king.  On the bed above is the reversible duvet cover which is white one side and beige on the reverse. 
Hoping to be able to get some more of the gorgeous little pebble lamps soon.

We sell fabric by the metre.  In stock now is a selection of linens in beautiful muted colours, suitable for cushions, upholstery, blinds, drum pendants or bedding.

A personal favourite at the moment are the reclaimed floorboard boxes by designer Bonnie Ashley, of Bonnie & Neil, based in Melbourne.  We have new designs from Bonnie & Neil on the way - watch for a new window display featuring Bonnie & Neil - coming soon!!!