Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello blogging friends.....hope you are enjoying the festive season.
Believe it or not we attended carols by candle light at STM this time last week!   Our 12th and final one as our baby leaves primary school and another chapter of our lives ends.   Sad, but glad in a way, it will mean only one speech night, carols etc etc etc....

Things have also been hectic at ecoco, lots of wrapping and unpacking...and orders for curtains, blinds and paint.  Nothing like a deadline to motivate!  And we are celebrating our first birthday, which is on the 21st, but so happy are we to have made it through our first year that we are kicking things off now.  Below is our recent newsletter, if you would like to receive it, you can subscribe through our website

Pop the evening of the 21st into your diary, we are having late night shopping for all those last minute gifts, champagne and a few surprises.....will keep you posted.  x