Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wonki ware

Our shipment of wonki ware has arrived from South Africa, and at least one set will be lucky to make it to the shop shelves.   Sold as a set of 6 or as individual pieces.  Pieces include dinner plates, side plates, soup bowls, pudding bowls, large and small salad bowls, salt dishes and jugs.

What is the wonki ware story, I hear you ask!?!
Wonki ware is handmade in South Africa, it's tag reads, "Keeping the Art of Pottery Alive".  Di Marshall, the creative person behind wonki ware employs local South Africans to handmake the pottery.

Why is it so Good!?!
Wonki ware is chip resistant, dishwasher and oven proof.  The dinner plates are a generous 30cm +, all pieces are handmade so each has it's own characteristics, hence the name wonki ware.   And, of course it looks and feels devine!

Who loves wonki ware?
Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson both love to 'plate up' on wonki ware.

Why do I love wonki ware?
It has a very relaxed, down to earth feel, while still being of exceptional quality.  I know the story behind what I am buying and I know that the people who made it enjoyed doing so and were paid fairly for their efforts. 

Where can I buy it?
Wonki ware is exclusive to ecoco in Tasmania.   We received a limited amount of complete dinner sets in this shipment (which by the way did an unexpected detour via Madagascar) along with 24 large and small salad or fruit bowls in white and blue/grey.   Dinner sets come in all white or sand, which is white with a sand coloured edge.

So to all the foodies out there, if you are in the market for some new dinner ware, wonki ware is a must see and feel!
Contact us via the website if you are interested in having a sneak peek or would like pricing information.


  1. these wonki products are great!

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