Monday, April 1, 2013

Medical Drama!

Excited to share with you photos from today's road trip which lead us right to the very stylish entrance of a medical clinic in a North West Tasmanian coastal town.  Looking more like something from the pages of a magazine, this amazing medical clinic is a project that we had the privilege to assist with in 2012, consulting  with the project manager on interior colour, wall finishes, lighting and soft furnishings.  The creative lady behind this project has pulled together the most amazing collection of wares from some of Tasmania's most interesting shops.  I think you will agree the result is nothing short of spectacular!  

Two thirds of the medical centre is new, an original old home with timber floorboards sits comfortably between the concrete floor extensions at it's rear and front.  

Behind the antique french doors...

the entrance foyer....concrete floor, industrial pendants, chair and work bench softened with natives, candles and books....

the walls and ceilings throughout most of the interior are painted in Murobond Syrup, creating a dramatic backdrop for the collections and colourful curios...
behind the reception desk the filing cabinets are faced with panels of recycled timber and finished with some of our quirky little door knobs...
there are collections of some of our favourite cushions
books abound to keep patients occupied in the waiting room...
our large black dome pendant, looks at home above the meeting table and against the backdrop of bookshelf wallpaper...
our vintage kantha covered chairs in the waiting room
        office or meeting room
student training room
one of the 9 consulting rooms
staff room and kitchen
staff room/kitchen
staff room
waiting room

We'd love to know your thoughts, leave a comment!!!

Di x


  1. Stunning. I spend way more time in doctor's offices than a 30-year-old should - if this were where I went to see the doctor I'd spend even more time there! Just beautiful.

  2. Agree. Would make going to the doctor more pleasant!

  3. Wow! That is one doctor's clinic you'd be happy to frequent. Stunning.

  4. Simply stunning! This has to be a first! What a comforting place to visit...a patient would feel instantly uplifted! Clever doctors!

  5. Absolutely, and such a clever mix of new, vintage and recycled!

  6. In the second last photo, the floral velvet covered chair....I sat in the exact same one while it was in a local shop here. Would have loved to have bought it home. More importantly, it was one of the most comfortable chairs I've ever sat in.

    Wow, what a place. You wouldn't mind the doctors running late, would you. You'd still arrive with 2 hours to kill and wouldn't care 'cause there is so much to look at and take in.

    Great job Di, so well put together. Thanks for sharing. Sure beats the boring lifeless boxes of architecture we have around here!

    Take care

  7. Thanks for leaving a comment Janine. It's great to have people to work with that have great ideas. We played a small part in consulting with wallpapers, paint colours and some of the furnishings. It's a credit to Rebecca!

  8. coolest medical clinic i've ever seen!

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  10. Hi interesting post and what a fine flower arrangement in the pics .