Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Renovation

Wednesday 18 August

After 2 years of searching we found a building for ecoco. It had all that we were looking for; location, potential, history and a few great cafes around the corner. Along with all of that has come months of planning and a few issues. But....

finally, we are able to start swinging the sledge hammers at 51 Balfour Street.
After 4 months of frustrating delays we are finally able to start the demolition of the old sheds to make way for the extension of the shop downstairs and the apartment upstairs.
This photo is taken from inside the shop looking out to the backyard.
You can see the problem we have with rising damp.

All this will go.

The neighbour's house.

This is a photo of the back of the building. As you can see not a lot of heritage value back here. Years of neglect and bad alterations have resulted in this mess!!!

In a few weeks, this will all be gone!!!

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