Monday, November 15, 2010


Designing a bathroom and kitchen can be a little overwhelming, the choices of fittings and finishes available are to say the least, huge.  My advice to those about to embark on a shopping trip to select bathroom and kitchen fittings is to do your homework before visiting the showroom.  If you have a budget and some idea of the look you are after before you hit the showroom floor, you have already narrowed down your choices. 
You can usually get a better deal if you buy everything from the same place. 

I don't usually like patterned bed linen, but this stunning duvet cover is an exception. 

Get creative!  The worst thing about following kitchen and bathroom trends is that you can end up with a room that is dated within 5-6 years and a bathroom or kitchen that looks the same as the next door neighbours - boring!   But how do you acheive a look that is individual, interesting and balanced?  The key is to choose things that you have loved for a long time, not what is in fashion at the moment.  Secondly, have something that holds it all together.  It could be a paint colour or your choice of joinery or furnishings, a unifying element will tie it together. 

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Not to be overlooked is good lighting design in bathrooms.  Lighting needs to be as flexible as possible.
Task lighting for applying makeup and shaving is obvious, but the option for lighting to be dimmed when taking a relaxing bath should be considered.

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