Monday, March 28, 2011

care & fair

This week ecoco will be featured in the newsletter of Go Fair, a Launceston organisation which promotes fair and ethical trade.   Part of the philosophy on which our business is founded was to support fair and ethical trade where possible.

These images are of the Armadillo & Co artisans who are paid above average wages, and are integral to their local communities livelihood.  They are carrying on the tradition of carpet weaving that has been passed down through generations.

Images via Armadillo & Co website
These are our new samples of the pebble weave woollen floor rugs... made by artisans...made to last.

Artisans in South Africa making wonki ware...also paid fairly and integral to their local communities livelihood...

We also stock fair trade and organic cotton clothing from 3fish and fair/organic cotton bed linen.  Only the strongest organically grown cotton plants survive, producing a longer and stronger thread which in turn makes premium quality products. 

Ever wondered why buy organic/fair trade cotton?  This 8 minute documentry, "White Gold, the true cost of cotton," will give some idea of why we should condsider where our cotton and other products we buy come from.

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