Wednesday, April 13, 2011


No not me.......the walls!!!    Are you ready for some dark moody colours on your walls???  Love these photos of other people's rooms but not brave enough to stray from beige or off white?  I too, am still living within the safe confines of beige and whites with a bit of tint.  Why is it that when we are younger we love colour in full saturation..... the brighter the better?   As a child whenever we moved, which we did often, we were allowed to decorate our bedrooms.   I once went through a navy blue and green phase and chose a very vibrant green for the walls (which was soon repainted a slightly more muted shade of green at my parents suggestion)  I still love that green but now enjoy it in foliage in a vase or in the garden!

To a certain extent when choosing colours we are dictated to by factors such as natural light, space and the orientation and era of our homes.    I love the colours on these walls, but note, both rooms have huge expanses of glass letting in plenty of natural light....something to consider when building or renovating.
photos via Abigail Ahern blog
For the moment I will get my fix of dark walls at that space!  I'm in the mood for painting and I have a tinting machine full of tints!!!

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