Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sitting between red and yellow on the colour wheel, orange is generally experienced as the warmest colour.  Thought to stimulate appetite and emotions, orange is energetic, vibrant and fun.  Whether or not it has any psychological effects on you, there is no question that colour is a powerful element of design and orange is no exception.

Nowhere is orange more beautiful and earthy than around the Mediterranean and in parts of Provence.

Living among orange is said to boost your immune system and stimulate your digestive system, as well as help restore nervous energy.  It is also the colour of communication and creativity!
Great for warming up rooms that feel cold or don't get much sun, orange is the best colour for creating a cosy atmoshpere.......but a little bit goes a long way!

The earthy orange ikat cushions and chunky knit throw rug have added warmth and life to ecoco as the mercury continues to drop!!!

image via style files
Used as an accent, orange injects warmth and energy to interiors.

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