Thursday, June 23, 2011

before & after

Earlier in the week we had a visit from our architect who thankfully had taken some photos of the interior rooms at 51 Balfour Street before we started major works.  The photo above was a narrow bedroom which is above the driveway.  We decided to open  this room up into the main bedroom and make it into one luxurious space.

This photo is taken from the shower enclave.  The other corner of this room has become a small laundry and storage space accessed from the hallway.

This is the main bathroom which had also housed the washing machine.

A little bit of a shuffle around, new tiles and fittings and here is the after shot.
A new chrome pipe under the bench and this room is complete.

Back downstairs in the shop, we plastered over an original window on the wall behind the counter, painted the walls with Murobond, Pentimento in Badger (light colour) and Murobond Pure with grain in Syrup, ripped up the carpet and painted the floor in Murobond, Olive Tree.  We added new skirtings and architraves in keeping with the era of the building and added some shelving. 
Will add more before and after shots tomorrow! 

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  1. Wow, I'm so impressed. The result is undoubtely stunning. You have a very good taste. The bath is a dreaming...
    Glad to find you!