Sunday, May 20, 2012

Found in Brussels

Bonjour All,
Posting from Brussels this evening where I have spent the last few days discovering all that the city of Brussels has to offer and that is much more than chocolate, beer, frites (hot chips) and waffles, which I was told by the local waffle shop man tonight are the 4 things you must try while in Belgium.  I can assure you I have sampled my fair share of chocolate from Pierre Marcolini the famous Belgian chocolatier.  As the official supplier to the Belgian Royal family, if it's good enough for King Albert and Queen Paola, it's good enough for me!   A waffle covered in melted chocolate and strawberries ticks another specialty off the list,  that leaves beer and fries for tomorrow!  I think I will be rolling out of this country!!!

But food is not the only delight to be found in Brussels as I discovered while wandering the streets of the Marolles District yesterday.   If brunch, flea markets, antiques, art and design are your thing then this district is heaven!   My favourite find was the little shop featured in the photos.   I chatted with Muriel, the friendly french lady who owned the shop for ages about her work, as you can see she has quite a talent for spotting treasure and putting it together so that it looks fabulous.  Everything in Muriel's shop is second hand or vintage, found at flea markets in Brussels, Waterloo and Paris.    I spent ages taking in the delights of Muriel's shop and left with my own little bag or two of treasure....thankful of leaving home with the barest essentials and the biggest suitcase I could find!!!  


  1. Veru nice pictures! Like yourself I am also a fan of Marolles district, the flea market the cafees, there is a different sort of life going on there.
    Cheers for Brussels

    1. Thanks for your message.
      Loved Brussels