Thursday, February 9, 2012

cloth showroom

A visit to Sydney is not complete without dropping by the cloth showroom in Surrey Hills.  I'm sure however this visit put me way over my allowance of 10kg of carry on luggage.  Somehow, I managed to squash 9 metres of working cloth in 3 different designs, 2 metres of the much heavier, words of cloth and 3 gorgeous tea towels into my little suitcase, carry it to the check in counter and past the flight attendants like it wasn't a struggle!  

Some cloth lamps, similar to these will be making their way to ecoco very soon...

Remnants, samples and ends of rolls....
  so many lovely things it's impossible to leave without a little piece of cloth!


  1. Hi Di,

    Love calling in and reading your latest blog post! I usually drool over all the latest shop pics with all gorgeous homewares. Always handy as I certainly don't darken the door as often as I'd like.

    So many beautiful fabrics, can really transform and finish off a room.

    Have a great day tomorrow.


  2. Hi Janine,
    Thanks for your comments.
    The cloth fabrics certainly are lovely. They have that hand printed, earthy quality that we love at ecoco.
    Hope you have lovely weekend.