Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello Everyone,  
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  I really should be finishing it off with a long walk instead of blogging, after polishing off a couple of pieces of this divine pizza today at the equally divine little cafe/gallery Ut Si at Perth.  Mmmm and the pea and ham soup is good too!
We are very excited about more new arrivals due at ecoco this week, we are making space for new pieces, so we would love someone to take home a love chair, pictured here is one gorgeously soft and comfy chair for two and it just so happens to be on sale!!!
And if you have noticed my obsession with sedum (the plant) lately, it started with this gorgeous arrangement  at the "Tickets for Coco" stand.  Luckily for me sedum is everywhere in my garden, it lasts forever in a vase and grows easily from a cutting, so if you would like some, you know where we are!

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