Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is The Shop Open Yet? Not Quite!

Finally, we can say that things are happening at 51 Balfour Street.

Our plans to develop this building date back to November 2008, we had a contract ready to sign but the vendors pulled out at the last minute. 12 months later, in November 2009 the vendors decided to sell. After meeting with our architect and the Heritage Council we had our plans ready to submit to council by early March 2010.

But of course there were still many hurdles to overcome!!! I am hoping that the worst is behind us and now it is full steam ahead. So, to answer the question that I am asked on a daily basis; Is the shop open yet? The answer is no, but we are "moving forward", and will be open for christmas!

Thank you to all of those people who have been interested and supportive, and to the patient suppliers of ecoco who have been waiting for things to happen.

No changes to the front of the building - yet........

but out the back we have gone from the photo above to below......thanks to a few hard working young men from MA constructions.

All that needs to go is almost gone, except for the concrete. And, yes the chimney is staying!
Hard to believe but this is a glorious sight to those of us who have been collecting the mail at this empty and neglected building for the past 8 months.

This is where the new kitchen/living area on the first floor will be.

The oldest part of the building, the front which dates back to the 1880s, still has the original shingles under the colourbond roofing.
Anyone need timber or second hand bricks?

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