Friday, September 3, 2010

retail design

"Retailers I find interesting are small, local and niche, where everything else is corporate, the single voice is appealing and attractive." Tom Dixon (creative director Habitat, UK)

This is a view that I share. For me, the most interesting and memorable retailers are independent or "one off" stores. Clearly the independent retailer has to make an effort with exteriors, interiors and branding to lure in customers and gain word of mouth renown.

So many things to consider when entering the world of retail. I have had a couple of years to consider exteriors, interiors and branding. I have also put in a few thousand kilometres walking the streets of various cities and towns usually "just looking!"

My favourtie shops usually have a diverse range of products. An interesting collection that is diverse but has been brought together by a common thread, either colour or some design element.

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  1. I totally agree - we are proud to be independent, and handcrafted, and refuse to buy from big corporations. We've had to work hard to get our shop into the public eye, and have found a lot of challenges. This has made us even more determined.