Thursday, October 14, 2010

decisions decisions decisions

1001 decisions to be made when undertaking a renovation, no wonder people seek help!!!  Don't you just hate those last few agonising minutes before you make the final decision on a permanent item such as a bench top or a window frame colour, even though you have known what you have wanted for 12 months!  It is final, no more thinking or visualizing to be done.  Move on to the next decision!  

I am designing all finishes and colours for the shop and the apartment around our first colour palette.  Murobond have a beautiful range of timber stains, so I had already decided to use the white limewash on hoop pine ply for all the joinery doors and the shop counter.   We have concrete floors upstairs and down, and at this stage I think that will stay natural as opposed to have a wash of colour.   After looking at some concrete bench samples this morning I think the benches in the kitchen will be left natural concete colour as well.

Throw in a little natural linen here and there to soften the look and we should have an easy to work with neutral base to build on.   Important to me is that we use hardwaring surfaces and nothing too precious!

These are the wonki ware pudding bowls and salt dishes with some of the Murobond colours from the first colour palette together with samples for counters and the apartment kitchen.

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