Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dining Table

Earlier in the week I spent half an hour with my very patient web designer in order to refresh my web management skills.  In my spare minutes I will now be updating the ecoco website with current stock.  

Above is the same dining table we have in the shop at the moment.  It has a recycled timber top and metal legs.

We have one of the sun burst mirrors the same as the one above the fireplace.  It might have to go up on the wall soon as it doesn't have the same impact when it is leaning on the wall under a window.  If you are in the market for shelving, we are custom making shelving units the same as the one above for a very reasonable price.

Today I finalised the details for the bathroom vanity for the apartment above the shop, of course I had to go for something practical for both storage and cleaning.  But there is always my totally non practical side that would just love to do something like this.   One day!!!

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