Wednesday, February 9, 2011

White & Light

House in Portugal via style files

Very soon going to do my favourite whites display in the shop.  I think I have found the perfect white, which just happens to be Murobond's,  Just White.  There are warm whites and cool whites, if there were neutral whites, Just White would fit into that category.  Get the lighting right and Just White provides the perfect backdrop for any interior.

Victorian Home in Melbourne via style files

Add interest to white spaces by using texture, pattern, accents of black or splashes of colour.

Sibella Court via Style Files

Stylist, Sibella Court has designed paint colours for Murobond, above next to the fireplace is the foundation palette.  This palette of colours can be seen at ecoco.

Victorian Home in Melbourne via style files

Gallery style -  Whites and/or light greys provide the best backdrop for displaying art collections.

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  1. I am concerned that you uploaded your white 'post' at 4:02am! surely one should be sleeping at that time. Aside from that all those pics are totally stunning. xo